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Zaros Lake Crete
Zaros Lake Crete



By the late '80s, just north of the village of Zaros, at the roots of the mountain, there was a small wetland around the source "Votomos" that was created by the great source of Votomos crater.

In 1987, around the source thanks to the interference of the Forest Service a small pond was created and the whole are became one of the most important forest areas of the island and today attracts visitors from all around the world that come to see for their own the lake and walk along the amazing green of the area.

If you love nature and want to spend relaxing holidays in the green, come and enjoy your walk by the lake with your family.

Start your morning with some fresh air and coffee by the lake and if you want you can follow the path that will lead you to Zaros gorge. Enjoy the beautiful walk by the nature, the waterfalls and the green to end up in the forest of Rouvas.

The tavern and the coffee shop are temporary CLOSED.



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